An Edmonton judge handed out a tough sentence Thursday to a career criminal for terrorizing two boys.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Alec Murray decided to send Michael Stanley to jail for 32 months, nearly twice as long as the Crown requested, for the assault and unlawful confinement of two boys, nine and 13 years old, in the summer of 2004.

Stanley, 40, lured the boys into a vacant apartment building. He forced them to remove their shoes and sit on the edge of the bathtub. Stanley then lit a crack pipe and blew smoke in the boys' faces. They screamed, cried and begged to be released. Stanley eventually let them go.

Stanley had pleaded guilty to the charges in April, making them his 47th and 48th criminal convictions.

Before his sentencing, he told the court, "It was wrong. I do apologize." Then he looked at the reporters in the courtroom and said, "I hope the media doesn't sensationalize all this."

Murray said he didn't put much stock in Stanley's apology. Noting his previous convictions, Murray said: "You do not have a remorseful attitude. In all likelihood, you will reoffend."

In handing down the sentence, Murray said it was necessary to separate Stanley from society.

Stanley buried his face in his hands, then looked up and glared at the court before he was led away.He grumbled out loud, "No justice in this place."

Crown prosecutor Orysha Zahaylo said he wasn't surprised by Murray's sentence.

"Certainly the offences are very egregious and very risky. I wasn't asking for that amount," he said. "Clearly[Murray] felt that was an appropriate sentence to give."