A car share program, much like the ones operating in Calgary, Toronto and Halifax, could soon be operating in Edmonton.

City officials hope a six-month pilot project will soon be launched by a company that can’t yet be named. The final details are now being worked out.

“It's on a trial basis and we shall see how that works out for them,” said Brian Murphy, supervisor of parking operations with the city’s transportation department.  

Companies like Car2Go or Zipcar allow people to rent a car for a quick trip to the mall or for a weekend trip.

Members locate the nearest vehicle using an app on their smartphone. Once they’re done, they can leave the vehicle in a designated parking spot.

While people in other large Canadian cities have been able to use these services for years, Edmontonians have so far been out of luck.

Natalie Charette was surprised that she couldn’t sign up for a car share service when she moved to Edmonton. She doesn’t own a vehicle because she lives downtown and walks to work.

“I just want it when I'm out at the grocery store when I`m buying potatoes and rice,” Charette said. “I just want it for those little things like trips to IKEA.”

Charette may soon be in luck as the pilot project could be launching within a month.

Murphy says the company approached the city earlier this year. The pilot project would start with 10 vehicles and eventually increase to 50.

“We're hoping it works out really well for them and then we can get down to business and get a car share company operating in the City of Edmonton.”

With files from the CBC's Andrea Huncar