A couple in Spruce Grove consider themselves fortunate for escaping injury when a car crashed into the back of their house Thursday morning.

A woman was driving her car along Grove Drive when she suddenly veered off the road.

RCMP say she drove through three fences before tearing off the back of a house owned by Sharen and Allen Vidler.

Allen and Sharen Vidler

Allen and Sharen Vidler are concerned for the woman who was behind the wheel of the car. (CBC)

Their dining room is now completely exposed but they say it could have been much worse.

“Very fortunate -- our grand kids are always here -- that they weren't here,” Sharen Vidler said.

“We’re not going to a funeral. We've just got a broken house and that's number one.”

The Vidlers are concerned for the driver who they suspect may have had a medical episode.

RCMP have not confirmed what caused the crash. They say the woman was taken to hospital where she is in serious but stable condition. She was the only person in the vehicle.