The Canadian Cancer Society has renewed its call for Alberta to ban the sale and use of pesticides, citing its recent poll showing 87 per cent of respondents who say they would support restricting the use of cosmetic pesticides on public and private land.

Alberta is the only province without any type of pesticide restriction in place.

Currently more than 100 municipalities across Canada have some type of pesticide bylaw, and Quebec has imposed a province-wide ban.

Cancer society spokesperson Lorie Boychuk said Thursday that mounting research is showing these chemicals can be linked to certain types of cancers.

"We don't want to wait until the science is 100 per cent conclusive," said Boychuk. "There's enough evidence today there is a threat.  The bottom line is they're non essential pesticides. They're being used to make things or keep things beautiful."

Boychuk said there are a number of healthier alternatives — such as overseeding, aerating and fertilizing naturally — all of which allow a healthy lawn to choke out unwanted weeds.