A Camrose police officer who was fired for lying to his supervisors is trying to get his job back.

Jeffrey MacDonald admitted he told his bosses he attended all five days of a course in Calgary when, in truth, he only attended three.

He lost his job last summer after pleading guilty to eight disciplinary charges, including deceit and insubordination.

MacDonald is appealing the dismissal to the Law Enforcement Review Board.


Jeffrey MacDonald leaves the offices of the Law Enforcement Review Board in Edmonton on Thursday. MacDonald is appealing his dismissal from the Camrose Police Service. (CBC)

At a hearing on Thursday, his lawyer Pat Nugent called the termination "extremely unreasonable."

But Derek Cranna, the lawyer representing the Camrose police chief, disagreed. He told the board that MacDonald should have known better.

Insp. Lee Foreman said Camrose Police Service has never had one of its officers face a disciplinary hearing before, so the situation has been difficult.

"Absolutely," he said. "It's a small organization. A tight group of people."

The board has reserved its decision in MacDonald's case.