RCMP are looking for four boats and four trailers worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that were stolen from a boat dealership in Calmar early Wednesday.

The break in took place at Wizard Lake Marine in Calmar sometime after 1 a.m., RCMP said.

RCMP said the boats, which are all 23-foot Nautique Super Air G23s, were likely stolen with four pickup trucks which drove away east on Highway 39.

Gordon Quistberg, a co-owner of Wizard Lake Marine, said he and his colleagues were surprised when they came to work Wednesday morning.

"We came into work and the back fence was cut down," Quistberg said Thursday. "My guess is they hooked up to it with a truck and ripped the whole gate down."

Quistberg said the thieves used ladders to knock down some security cameras. The dealership was outfitted with motion detectors, but Quistberg said the alarm company told him only one was set off and they figured it was wildlife.

But after taking a look at the security cameras, Quistberg said it was clear there were thieves on the property, who hooked up four trailers to pickup trucks and sped off down Highway 39.

Quistberg said the security company had access to the cameras.

"I don't think the monitoring company checked it properly, personally," he said.

The company posted about the stolen boats on its Facebook page, asking for information from the public. One person said they had seen two similar boats near Cold Lake, while another said they saw three of the boats near Winnipeg.

Quistberg said because the boats are so unique, he is optimistic the RCMP will track them down.

"Hopefully, they get found," he said.

Police do not have a description of the subjects. They are asking anyone with information on the boats, trailers or suspects to contact them.