An Alberta crisis line says an unprecedented number of people have called this year seeking help, with many of their problems tied to the province's ongoing boom.

Officials say more than 7,500 people have telephoned the Central Alberta crisis line since January, far exceeding last year's total.

Diane Howarth, executive director for the Central Alberta Crisis Centre, says people are complaining about a range of issues.

Newcomers to the area speak of loneliness and difficulty finding affordable housing. Others have described problems they've encountered with their new-found wealth.

"If there's a lot of money in their community, it feeds addiction, drugs and alcohol," said Howarth. "Those are all symptoms of a booming economy."

The Calgary Apartment Associationhas saidmost landlords are raising rents. One company announced this month it was raising the rent on 1,200 apartments across the city by about35 per cent.

Social services are accordingly feeling the crunch.

Earlier this month, an organization that provides food and shelter to the homeless warned families not to come to Calgary if they don't already have a place to stay.

Inn from the Cold, a network of more than 67 churches and organizations that provides meals and shelter for homeless people, said it has seen a record number of families in need of shelter. The organization warned that it may soon have to turn people away.