An Edmonton woman whose son disappeared in June 2007 is hopeful after a missing children help line received a call two weeks ago.

Lucas Degerness was 14 when he was last seen in Prince George.   

Two weeks ago, a help line for was contacted by someone in Manitoba claiming to be him. However, the caller either hung up or was disconnected before the caseworker was able to get contact information. 

Lucas Degerness

Lucas Degerness was last seen in Prince George seven years ago. (

“The nature of the call certainly has provided us with some renewed hope that this may in fact have been Luke calling,” said Christy Dzikowicz, director of missing child services for the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

Luke’s mother Gina Degerness now lives in Edmonton. She says her son disappeared after they got into a fight about school attendence.

Luke spent the night at a friend’s place and hasn’t been seen since.

"He's missed a lot of major life events and I miss him dearly,” Degerness said.

Degerness is now asking for the public to come forward with tips to help confirm the call came from her son.

Lucas has brown eyes. He had brown hair, a medium build and was 5’8” tall when he disappeared.