Bust nets $2M in marijuana

A $2-million marijuana grow operation south of Westlock that was a week away from harvest was shut down Wednesday morning, police said.

A $2-million marijuana grow operation south of Westlock was shut down Wednesday morning a week away from harvest, police said.

A 37-year-old man from Barrhead is facing charges for drug and stolen property offences, as well as firearm offences.

The raid, conducted by a joint force made up of officers from the Edmonton Police Service and the RCMP, seized 1,729 marijuana plants, as well as growing equipment, vehicles and a diesel generator.

"This bust shuts down a major drug operation in the Westlock, Barrhead area," said Frank Oberle, Alberta's solicitor general and minister of public security.

"[It] will have a real impact on the safety of that community."