Gary Mattson is shown on a security video moments before he attacked Edmonton bus driver Tom Bregg. ((Alberta Justice))

The man who viciously attacked an Edmonton bus driver has a long list of criminal convictions and should stay in jail, a dangerous offender hearing was told Monday.

Gary Edwin Mattson pleaded guilty in May to aggravated assault in the attack on Edmonton Transit driver Tom Bregg during the morning rush hour on Dec. 3, 2009.

The Crown is seeking to have Mattson declared a dangerous offender, which would keep him in prison indefinitely.

On Monday, Crown prosecutor Patricia Innes attempted to paint a picture of Mattson as a man who was repeatedly in trouble with the law.

Mattson punched Bregg and stomped on his head 15 times in the attack that was caught by the bus's security camera.

The veteran driver was blinded in his left eye and suffers from a number of health problems as a result of the attack.

The hearing continues.