The family of Thomas Wedman, the 6-year-old St. Albert boy who was killed by a school bus last year, is relieved they don’t have to go through a trial.

Bus driver Joseph Allen was fined $2,000 Monday after pleading guilty to failure to yield to a pedestrian.  A previous charge of careless driving was withdrawn.

Thomas’ father Jeff Wedman says the family is pleased a trial was avoided by the guilty plea.

“Having to relive that terrible day for the court was something we were very much hoping to avoid,” Wedman said in a written statement.

“Trying to correlate the punishment meted out by the court with the effect the tragedy has had on our lives is a  lose-lose situation. Doing so is the proverbial comparing apples with oranges, and we refuse to go down that path.”

Thomas Wedman was killed in a marked crosswalk last September while walking to school with his father and older brother.

The Grade 2 student was struck by a bus that was turning right from Sir Winston Churchill Avenue onto Woodlands Road. He died at the scene.

His father said at the time that Thomas stepped onto the road because it looked like the bus was going to stop.