Arrest of bride and groom in bar brawl inspires others to share wild wedding tales

Edmonton AM asked its listeners to share their craziest wedding moments. And they delivered.

Edmonton AM asked for your wildest wedding memories, and you delivered

The bride, in handcuffs, speaks to an Edmonton police officer Saturday after a bar fight broke out at Denizen Hall. (Supplied/Ryan Bychkowski)

A barroom brawl that landed both the bride and groom in handcuffs Saturday night has inspired Edmontonians to share their wildest wedding memories. 

The pair — she in her white gown, he in his tuxedo — were arrested after a fight broke out inside Denizen Hall in downtown Edmonton.

It's a less-than-classy story they likely won't be sharing with their grandchildren, but the strange scrap certainly inspired others to share their shameful tales from behind the wedding veil. 

On Tuesday morning, Edmonton AM asked its listeners to recount their craziest wedding memories.

The responses were a mix of ill-advised missteps and agonizingly embarrassing moments. Tracy Kosik:

My husband and I had an intimate family wedding. Twenty-four people including us. It was held in the banquet room of a new restaurant, and my precocious five-year-old niece Nikki went outside and found a crusty, flattened, dirty pair of men's underwear and carried them in to where we were eating, announcing "Look at what I found!" Which was met with cries of "Nikki!! NOOOOOO!!!!!"

We still tease her about it to this day, 18 years later.

Her older brother, 10-year-old Koda, also managed to photo-bomb almost every one of our pictures, unbeknownst to us.

Funny what moments stick out all of these years later. Still one of the best days of my life.

Jill Roberts:

Our minister called me by a different name in the ceremony and our maid of honour called my husband a different name in her speech.

Randolph Haluza-DeLay‏:

My son, aged 12, played music for our wedding. For exit of the church after the solemn vows, he played "March of the Goblin King" Lee Reed:

A friend lived with her brother when she went to university. He was the emcee at her wedding. Early at the reception, he said that their landlord needed the keys back that his sister had given her previous boyfriend. She was puzzled by the question.

In the meantime, her brother had given 25 guys at the reception a key. They came up sheepishly one a time to set the key in front of her. At first there was shock from both her and the new groom until everyone realized the joke. It was hilarious. 

Laurie Miller:

The church caved in so we put up a sign for our guests and moved to a church with very scary murals on the ceiling. Interesting day!

Emil Guzik:

Do not trust your best man, in this case my brother, with your car! My hubcaps were full of stones, cans were tied to the rear of the car, confetti in my heating vents that sprayed confetti for the life of the car, and writings all over the car like "sex leads to maternity."

When I started to drive the car, I thought the car was falling apart. My wife and I had to leave early the next day because of reservations with our car for our honeymoon.

I was able to easily get rid of the stones in the hubcaps but I was unable to untie the cans. I did not know what to use to get rid of the writings on the car, and confetti came out of the heating vents for the life of the car.

So away we went with cans, writings, and confetti.

What's your wildest wedding moment? Share them in the comment section below. 


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