Brian Townsend, man missing in Belize, focus of search

Brian Townsend of Edmonton was last seen on Christmas Day
Brian Townsend, 64, has been living and working in Belize as a missionary. (Facebook )

A search for Brian Townsend, the Edmonton man who was reported missing in Belize on Christmas Day, has intensified.

Members of the Belize Defence Force and the Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team have been called in to help with the search, according to Mike Rudon, a reporter with News 5 Belize.

“[They] were going to different areas checking by the river,” Rudon said. “And I also found out today they were supposed to bring in some boats.”

Townsend, 64, had been living and working as missionary in the Central American country.

Townsend had asked his cook to prepare dinner for him on Christmas Day. By the time she got to his house, Townsend was gone.

His vehicle was missing and it looked like his house had been vandalized. The cook also saw a trail of blood outside the house.

“Residents of the community have been searching since Christmas Day,” Rudon said.

“Just basically going to different areas of the community, Valley of Peace, which is a large bushy area.”

Townsend's son Kory has travelled to Belize. Rudon says even he is beginning to lose hope his father will be found alive.