A thief broke into a vintage jetliner owned by the Alberta Aviation Museum over the weekend, stealing parts from the plane before seemingly trying to cover the crime up as an act of vandalism,  museum officials say.

The Pacific Western Airlines Boeing 737, which used to be housed at the museum’s space in Edmonton, has been stored at the Villeneuve airport since November.

The plane was broken into sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning, according to the museum. A number of specific artifacts, such at the plane’s emergency door, were taken.

Tom Hendricks, the museum’s executive director, says that the items that were taken were those that would still have market value. He says that, combined with the way the thief was able to get into the plane, is a sign that the suspect is someone who is familiar with aircraft. 

Hendricks says before the theft, the 737 was flight-worthy and was used for public tours and educational programs.

Morinville RCMP are investigating the break-in.