A massive brawl broke out on a crowded LRT platform after the Canada Day fireworks earlier this week.

The fight involving a group of young people happened around 12:20 a.m. Wednesday at the Coliseum LRT station.  

Video of the incident was posted online. People are seen rolling on the floor, throwing punches, swearing and shouting at each other.

“It just exploded into a bunch of people, men and women, punching each other,” said a witness who CBC has agreed not to identify.

Edmonton Transit confirms the incident took place and says it started on a train, spilled onto the platform and continued outside to the bus stop.

By the time police and transit security arrived, the crowd had dispersed.  

Neil Hennig from Edmonton Transit says people shouldn’t worry about safety but admits it took 12 minutes for help to arrive.

“We did have a unit staged there, it was called away,” he said. “It had to go to another issue at another place and therefore they were not there when this broke out.”

Police are also aware of the brawl but say no one has come forward to lay a complaint. They would like to know who was involved.