A jury found Bradley Barton not guilty Wednesday night in the death of sex worker Cindy Gladue at the Yellowhead Inn four years ago. 

Barton, who was out on bail, was told by the judge he was free to go.

"He's very relieved," said his lawyer Dino Bottos following the verdict.

Barton, a long-distance trucker from Ontario, rented the room at the Yellowhead Inn while he spent a couple of days in Edmonton on a job in June 2011.

On the second night, Barton called 911 and reported the discovery of the body of an unknown woman in his bathtub.

Cindy Gladue

Cindy Gladue, 36, was found dead in the bathtub of a room at the Yellowhead Inn four years ago. (Facebook)

But closed circuit video from the hotel shows Barton and Gladue, 36, walking together holding hands the first night and meeting up again the next evening.

The Crown prosecutor argued Barton intentionally killed Gladue, stabbing her and allowing her to bleed to death.  

However, Bottos said his client didn't mean to harm Gladue, and that the wound was caused accidentally by rough sex. 

"I really commend this jury for taking the time — they spent a month of their lives on this — for attending and for their full attention every day and now spending a day and a half deliberating, which shows a very careful and thoughtful analysis by them," Bottos said.

The jury began deliberations on the case Tuesday afternoon.