Brad Cooper, the Alberta man convicted in North Carolina of killing his Edmonton-born wife Nancy, has been granted a new trial.

"I don't think Brad got a fair trial at all," Cooper's lawyer Ann Petersen told CBC News Tuesday.

"In all my 33 years of practice I haven't seen a case where a defendant was so completely prevented from presenting his evidence."

Cooper, 40, was convicted in May 2011 of first-degree murder.

Nancy Cooper, 34, went missing from the couple's home in the Raleigh suburb of Cary, N.C. in 2008.  Her body was found in a drainage ditch several days later.

During the trial, prosecution witnesses testified that Google maps of the area where the body was dumped were found on Brad Cooper’s computer.

In a 47-page appeal filed in November 2012, Cooper’s lawyers said that the the jury should have been allowed to hear from defense witnesses who suggested the computer may have been tampered with.

"The jury only heard one side," said Petersen. "HIs witnesses would have testified ... somebody easily could have planted that evidence on that computer."