An Edmonton boy who is dying of cancer stocked up on Lego sets during a shopping spree Monday, but he also bought toys for other sick kids besides himself.

Aaron Maier, 10, has fought neuroblastoma -- a cancer of the nerve glands -- for nearly half his life.

He was granted the trip to the Lego store by the Children’s Wish Foundation.

However, Aaron plans to donate some of the sets to other kids with cancer.

“To want to do this with his last wish. Yeah. He likes to help the other kids,” said his mother Teresa Skinner.

“He was going to be a doctor, [that] was his plan, so he could help little kids too.”

The cancer has relapsed twice since it was first diagnosed in September 2009. But last fall, he learned the cancer had spread to his entire body.

His family has decided to stop treatment because they believe his weakened body couldn’t handle another round of chemotherapy.

Skinner says her son plays with Lego to put his illness out of his mind. She says the shopping trip was a huge event for him.

““He barely slept last night,” she said. “He was waking me up every five minutes. Is it time yet? Can we go?”

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