Two kittens that survived a ride from Chicago in a sealed boxcar without food or water were adopted Tuesday by a young couple at the Edmonton Humane Society. 

The pair — named Chicago Joe and Boxcar Willemina — were adopted by Adrian Michalczyk and his fiancee. 

"Just seeing the story on the news and working for CN seemed like a good match for me," Michalczyk said. 

The kittens spent six weeks in a foster home so they could socialize with humans and other pets in preparation for adoption.

Their foster mom noticed that the two don't seem to have as strong a bond as expected given their ordeal, said Edmonto Humane Society spokesperson Shawna Randolph.

The two didn't necessarily have to be adopted together as they seem independent and are happy spending time on their own or with other animals, she said.

The kittens were discovered by an employee at an Edmonton warehouse company who opened the boxcar in September and discovered the two one-month-old cats.

The two were nicknamed Chicago Joe and Boxcar Willemina.