Workplace inspectors are in Bonnyville, Alta. Thursday investigating concerns of volunteer firefighters over the safety of their equipment. 

Thirty volunteer firefighters walked off the job last week.

The equipment is old and doesn't meet safety standards, said firefighter James Sharun.

"For us to go back there is going to have to be large scale changes made," he told CBC News.

"At the end of the day it isn't the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority that fights fires, it's the volunteers that fight fires."

Last week Sharun wrote a letter to the fire authority board detailing the firefighters' grievances.

 After sending the letter Sharun was fired from his volunteer job, he said.

The letter, signed by 14 firefighters, describes problems with maintenance or replacement of breathing gear and protective clothing.

"We got millions of dollars in shiny new trucks in our halls," said Shrun. "We look great going to the scene but unfortunately when we get there we aren't protected in a lot of cases."

Two Occupational Health and Safety inspectors are in Bonnyville investigating the complaints.

The fire authority was unavailable to comment.