A battle is underway in an Edmonton strip mall between the landlord of an adult body-rub parlour and the owners of a new baby store.

The Two Mothers store had to delay its opening last Friday when the city told owners Joanna Haydaman and Tracey Stolarchuk they had to wait longer for a business licence.

It turns out the landlord of Spa Radiance had launched an appeal “with concerns that we would be too close in proximity to them because we cater to children and families and their establishment is 18-plus,” Haydaman said.

“And there is a 100 metre-bylaw where … they cannot be where kids congregate.”

“We were a little surprised when the appeal letter came that we would be a threat to their business,” Stolarchuk said. “We were happily ready to work quietly beside these people.”

Haydaman and Stolarchuk both believe their business is a perfect fit for the community, and say they have the support of area residents.

Laura Cunningham-Shpeley from the Ritchie Community League agrees. 

"Lots of new families coming in that like to shop local, that like to have stores that they can walk to and enjoy a bit of a local neighbourhood," she said,

"I think with this new business coming in, this is a great opportunity and people are really excited to have it in the neighbourhood."

But now they have to wait for the outcome of the appeal board hearing on Nov. 28, meaning the store remains closed during the busiest shopping period of the year.

“We’ve got everything in place to open the store,” Stolarchuk said. “All the costs incurred with opening it and paying the rent ... we’re not selling anything. The biggest impact right now is financial.”