Police look for more evidence at the explosion site in Edmonton on Wednesday.

The body of a female found in the wreckage of a house that exploded Sunday in north Edmonton was bound and wrapped, CBC News has heard from multiple sources.

Three men and one woman were found dead after the house in the Lago Lindo neighbourhood exploded around 1:20 p.m. MT.

Two of the victims lived next door to the house that exploded. Friends and family have identified them as Brad Winter, 26, and Craig Huber, 30. The other two victims have not been named.

Autopsies on all four individuals were completed on Wednesday but police said they wouldn't be releasing any new information. They also are not confirming or denying reports a woman's body was found bound and wrapped at the house.

Police have called the deaths suspicious and homicide detectives were called in to conduct the investigation.

They are also still trying to determine the cause of the explosion and whether it was accidental or deliberate.

"This one is very challenging," said Insp. Darren Eastcott. "There's a number of investigative tasks that need to be done. There's a number of people that need to be interviewed."

According to land titles, the house is owned by Dwayne Poirier and Jeanne Cathleen Heard. Their whereabouts at the time of the explosion are not known.

Poirier's daughter posted a note on her Facebook page that said her father is dead.

Police have not said whether Heard is dead.