Police in Sylvan Lake are looking for the owners of about 15 boats that washed ashore following Friday's storm. 

The boats were swept away because of strong winds and are now strewn along the shoreline on the south side of Sylvan Lake. 

Some of the boats have been tied off, while others have taken on a lot of water. RCMP officers have tried to contact owners with little success.

"You know, if it's my $50,000 boat I would probably consider pulling it out of the water for the duration of the storm if it's just moored or anchored in," said Corp. James Allemekinders with Sylvan Lake RCMP.

"Other than that, if you don't have the ability to do that, certainly make sure it's anchored. If you have one anchor, one mooring, maybe put another down." 

sylvan lake boats

One boat owner secures his boat on Saturday afternoon after his boat washed ashore at Sylvan Lake. (Travis McEwan/CBC)

Allemekinders says he wants to makes sure the boats don't drift back into the lake or damage other vessels that have been properly secured. 

Michael Mason-Wood owns a cabin on the north side the lake. Part of his dock also broke off in the storm. 

“A lot of stuff was blowing around,” he said. “There were a lot of whitecaps, quite choppy. I just know I would not have wanted to be out there on a boat at that time of day.”

Mason-Wood helped one of his neighbours recover his boat from the water — something he said is typical of Sylvan Lake.

“You know it’s a small town so you just helps each other and make sure everyone makes it through the storm, no pun intended, and gets their boats safely back to where they belong,” Mason-Wood said.