Spruce Grove RCMP are on the lookout for a blood python that escaped from a home in the area of Aspenglen.

A Spruce Grove man reported that the three-foot-long snake with orange, brown and black markings had escaped from his home.

Police, Alberta Fish and Wildlife and Spruce Grove Municipal Enforcement have consulted with reptile experts and said that "this particular snake poses virtually no threat to public safety."

According to an ad posted on Kijiji, the snake — named Bandit — went missing on Aug. 14.  

Bandit the missing python

Wildlife experts say the snake is not considered aggressive in nature and is likely hiding away from populated areas. (Kijiji)

"My boyfriend believes he left him on the deck and forgot to bring him in and put him away and then went to sleep," the posting reads. "At 5 in the morning I received a call saying that Bandit was missing.

"I'm fairly upset that this happened and my boyfriend is devastated." 

The snake is not considered aggressive in nature and is likely hiding away from populated areas attempting to stay warm, as the climate in Alberta is not amenable for a python.

The snake will not survive long if it remains outside.

Although wildlife experts say the chances of locating the python are very low, police are asking anyone who spots the snake to not approach is, and instead contact RCMP.