Despite the mild weather clearing residential streets of snow, blading crews will be arriving in neighbourhoods over the next few days.

Many streets are shaded, while others are covered in a thick layer of ice, said Bob Dunford, director of roadway maintenance. 

Blading will expose more of the road, speeding up the melting, he said.

"Some areas of course we're just flying through because there's really not much to touch there."

"But the goal is we're trying to go curb to curb so that we can promote the melt, get the roads clear and dry for the spring."

Dunford said crews are likely to get through the schedule quickly, depending on how much ice and snow they find once they get into a neighbourhood.

He suggests people check the blading schedule on the City of Edmonton website so they know when to move their cars.

He estimates the cost of this round of blading at about $250,000.

Wit files from Lydia Neufeld