A fire at Bissell Centre Thrift Shoppe will have an impact on the finances of the non-profit and could result in layoffs, CEO Mark Holmgren said on Tuesday.

The fire in the rear of the building at 118th Avenue and 88th Street on Monday evening caused an estimated $350,000 in damages.

In a post to the Bissell Centre website, Holmgren estimated that the non-profit will lose about $70,000 in monthly revenues and says it could have an impact on staffing.

"It is my hope we can re-deploy some of our staff to recovery operations, but it is too early to know any details about that," he wrote.

Holmgren said that staff are meeting this morning to determine if the front end of the shop can open at some point within the next few months, or if they will need to open a smaller, temporary location.

Holmgren said that fire officials told him arson is not suspected in the fire.