The Bissell Centre Thrift Shoppe is now one step closer to reopening.

Starting this week, centre staff will start collecting donations in the parking lot at its old Thrift Shoppe location on 118th Avenue and 88th Street.

“We've decided to do this since that's where people will be bringing their donations once we're up and running again and that's where they will be coming to shop,” said Devin Komarniksi with the centre. “The influx of donations has slowed so we're able to manage it in a controlled fashion.

Fire damaged the original Thrift Shoppe building last September, prompting it to move to a temporary location at 11817 80 St. However, that building was also destroyed by a fire.

Fire investigators say neither fire was deliberately set.

Now, thrift shop workers are feeling a bit more optimistic about the centre’s future.

“It's exciting. It's a little bit of hope for us since we've been through a couple of fires and it's something we're looking forward to,” said Komarniksi. “Definitely staff at the Thrift Shoppe have been through this twice now and it's been difficult on them.”

He said he hopes to reopen the shop in the fall.