Birth of 9 puppies catch Shania's rescuers by surprise

A dog found shot north of Edmonton has not only survived but has now given birth to a unusually large litter of puppies.

German shepherd cross shot found shot in the stomach and leg

Shania, a German shepherd cross, gave birth to nine puppies shortly after life-saving surgery to the surprise and delight of surgeons. (Ron Palmer Photography)

A dog found shot north of Edmonton last month has not only survived, but has given birth to an unusually large litter of puppies.

One of nine puppies born to Shania. (Ron Palmer Photography)

Shania, a friendly three-year-old German shepherd cross, was shot in the stomach and the leg, shattering the bone.

It wasn't until after expensive surgery — paid for by donations — that veterinarians discovered she was pregnant with nine puppies.  

"We rescued Shania and we thought that we were only rescuing the one dog, but we ended up rescuing 10," said April Oakes, with Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society. "It's a great feeling." 

The rescuers are now asking for donations to help with Shania's recovery and her new family.