The Edmonton Police Service's hate crimes unit is investigating after the Beth Israel Synagogue in west Edmonton was vandalized — the most recent in a series of attacks on places of worship in northern Alberta.

The graffiti with hate messages was first noticed on Saturday by worshippers.

 Dr. Stanley Kitay

Dr. Stanley Kitay has a simple message for the people behind the graffiti: “Approach me … let me correct some of your misconceptions in the world about our religion." (CBC)

"It's upsetting … it's unnecessary. It's ridiculous vandalism, said Dr. Stanley Kitay, president of the synagogue. "But at the same time, it just reignites the notion that there are people out there with these crazy feelings and racial, religious, ethnic biases and that they’re willing to skulk around in the middle of the night and spray paint."

While the attack was non-violent, Kitay said the graffiti messages are still unnerving.

"You just never know, you need one crazy that's been running around in France and you don't want to be faced with the same problem.”

Earlier this month, vandals targeted a Sikh temple in Mill Woods. Last October, “Go home” was painted on a mosque in Cold Lake. A home where Muslims gather to pray in Fort Saskatchewan was also egged.

No one has been charged in any of the attacks.

cold lake mosque

Many in the Cold Lake community rallied to replace the "Go home" message painted across a mosque with signs reading "You are home." (Frazer Snowdon/Newcap Television)

A hate crimes investigator with EPS said it is typically very difficult to locate those responsible for graffiti like this saying the work is often done quickly and at night to avoid the chance of being seen.

Meanwhile, Kitay said he would like the chance to speak face to face with those responsible.

“Approach me … let me correct some of your misconceptions in the world about our religion, and maybe some of the other religions out there, and just find out why you’re doing this,” he said.

"Don't skulk around in the darkness under cover of your hoodie, covering your head. Be a man, face us and  talk about it and try and get some education and make this world a better place."