A young girl whose life was saved by her great grandmother two years ago accepted a posthumous bravery award on her behalf this morning. 

Bernice Jingling, 66, was walking her six-year-old great granddaughter Tiara to Pius X Elementary School at 128th Street and 122nd Avenue.on April 7, 2011 when an SUV approached without slowing down.

Bernice pushed Tiara to the side and while both were struck by the SUV, Tiara escaped the major impact .Unfortunately Jingling succumbed to her injuries in hospital.

At a ceremony this morning at Edmonton police headquarters, Tiara accepted the Silver Medal for Bravery from the Royal Canadian Humane Association on behalf of her great grandmother.

Afterwards, the 9-year-old cried as she talked to reporters about her great grandmother. 

"I just want to thank her for saving my life that day," she said.

Tiara said that she thinks about her Nana all the time. She plans to keep the medal in a treasure box her father made for her. 

"She was very kind and very nice. We all love and miss her."

MLA Thomas Lukaszuk who happened to be driving his children to school, saw the accident and ran to help the pair.

Lukaszuk received an Honorary Testimonial Certificate.

A 39-year-old woman was charged under the Traffic Safety Act for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

In total, 24 people were recognized at the ceremony, including seven members of the Edmonton Police Service.  Four Honorary Testimonial certificates were awarded, as well as 16 Bronze Medals, and four Silver Medals.