About 100 residents of the south Edmonton neighbourhood of Belgravia crammed into a church basement Monday night to voice their opposition to a proposed condominium development.

"I think it's a real mistake," said resident Alex MacDonald. "It's an entrance road to the whole community."

A developer wants to build a five-storey, 76-unit building at 76th Avenue and 115th Street, close to the new Belgravia LRT station. The structure would replace three smaller apartment buildings with a total of 33 units.

The city held the public meeting to gather community feedback on a proposed zoning change that would allow a higher density structure on the site.

But residents expressed concerns that the new building will increase traffic, block sunlight and won't fit in with the look of the community. They want the developer to change their plans.

"We proposed that they try and put the parking down, the visitor parking and the garage below, which is done in lots of other cities ... so that we could have more green and amenity space instead of turning it into a parking lot," said Parker Fjeldberg, president of the Belgravia Community League.

"This is supposed to be an LRT-friendly station. Why do we need a bunch of parking?"

The community opposition means the developer will likely end up making revisions, said Ed Gooch, from GMH Architects, which is working on the project. "I was hoping after all the hard work we've done and 20 or so designs and meetings that it wouldn't be this bad," Gooch said of the reaction.