People in Edmonton and Calgary have developed a taste for craft beer over the past five years and many smaller breweries have popped up to cater to those evolving tastes. 

People in Edmonton can sip beers made locally by Alley Kat, Yellowhead, Amber’s and Hog’s Head Brewing.

But not of all the craft brewing action is happening in the province’s two largest cities.

Beer columnist Jason Foster spoke to Radio Active host Portia Clark on Friday about three brewers that have caught his eye.

1. Norseman Brewing in Camrose

Jason says the owners of the Norseman Inn have a brewpub which makes beer in a small 600-litre brewhouse

The pub has a pale lager and amber lager on offer — two “safe” choices in Jason’s books — but the owners have started to serve a third beer that rotates through a number of less traditional choices.

Listen to the interview to hear what Jason sampled the day he was there.

2.  Ribstone Creek Brewery in Edgerton

Edgerton is a tiny hamlet of 300 near Wainwright.  The brewery opened 2 ½ years ago after a group of ranchers decided to keep their new venture in Edgerton, instead of heading to Edmonton.

Jason says Ribstone Creek started brewing a pale lager but the brewery now has pale ales, an IPA and seasonal varieties.

Ribstone Creek can be found in Edmonton at some liquor stores and on tap at bars that offer a wide variety of craft beers.  

3.  Bear Hill Brewing, Jasper, Banff and Fort McMurray

This brewer runs a number of brewpubs located in smaller towns.

The first pubs started in Jasper and Banff. A couple of years ago Bear Hill Brewing opened the Wood Buffalo Brewpub in Fort McMurray.

Jason says the company is expected to open a brewpub in Grande Prairie with plans to eventually expand to other cities in southern Alberta.