Push is coming to shove over Beaumont's annexation plans in Leduc County south of Edmonton.

The county is upset after learning of the bedroom community's plans to annex 24 quarters of its land. 

"It is puzzling to say the least, why proper protocol was not followed or failing that, why simple courtesy didn’t prevail," said county mayor John Whaley in a media release. "This is not how to treat neighbours, especially when so much is at stake."

Whaley said he only learned about the plan when asked about them by equally-surprised county residents who received letters telling them their taxes and addresses will soon shift to Beaumont, he said

When residents called county officials for clarification, they were unable to properly respond and felt blindsided by what amounts to a hostile land grab, said Leila Daoud, communications coordinator.

The county has its own growth plans, she said.

The matter is set to be discussed at a council meeting on Tuesday.

Leduc County's current negotiations over the City of Leduc's expansion plans "serves as a model of sharing municipal services and land use planning," said Daoud.

In contrast with Beaumont, those negotiations "is marked by a collaborative spirit, positive communications and a willingness by both parties to serve the residents to whom they are responsible," she said.