A man who was severely beaten outside his home in Edmonton's McCauley neighbourhood last month has died.

Robert Felker, 46, was the first of three victims in a bizarre series of attacks in the early hours of July 20.

He was taken off life support on Tuesday.

Felker was attacked around 2:45 a.m. after he went to investigate a commotion outside his house near 95th Street and 110A Avenue.

He was taken to hospital with severe head injuries. His family decided to take him off life-support after he failed to respond to treatment over the past ten days.

April Dunkley, the niece of Felker's fiancée Carol, said her family is trying to cope with the loss of the man who was nicknamed Cowboy.

"Everybody called him Cowboy because he used to wear the cowboy hat, the vest, cowboy boots," she said. "He was all about country and peace."

Felker and his fiancée were supposed to be married in September. Dunkley says her aunt is having a difficult time with his death.

"She loved him," she said.  "It's her soulmate that she lost."

Three men were arrested and charged in connection with the attacks. They may face murder charges now that Felker has died.