For years, Dick Barr has been a regular, but odd, sight along Jasper Ave, clad in a leather jacket with "bear" emblazoned on the back and a carrying a staff with a stuffed bear on top. 

But he is less well-known as the caretaker of the lush garden that thrives in front of the Boyle Street apartment building where he has been living for the past 47 year. 

Barr was riding the bus down Jasper Avenue in 1967 and saw a for rent sign at a building he often admired for the lush garden out front.

He immediately jumped off the bus, rented the apartment and “never left.” He has now become vital in keeping that green spot alive. 

The CBC’s Tim Adams caught up with Barr to talk about what the garden has meant to the area and his odd attire. 

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Dick Barr

Dick Barr shows off the garden he has been tending to for the past 47 years. (Tim Adams/CBC)

With files from CBC's Tim Adams