A woman in St. Albert found that wildlife officials couldn't offer much help in dealing with an unwanted guest under her front doorstep.

“This animal came hissing and screaming at me,” said Nicole Fox about the badger that jumped out while she was doing yard work last weekend.


Nicole Fox found this badger while she was sweeping the front doorstep of her St. Albert home. (Facebook)

“I can imagine how dangerous that they are by the way it was hissing at us. It was very frightening.”

She called her mother-in-law, who took photos and confirmed that the animal was a badger. 

Fox decided she needed help getting rid of the animal. She called the RCMP, but they told her to call Fish and Wildlife.

That office was closed so she called animal control. It turns out they couldn’t help her either.

“He ended up calling me back and saying that they wouldn’t come out and do anything about it,” Fox said.

A private exterminator told Fox it would cost $350 to get rid of the badger, so she didn't bother to try and have it removed.

Now Fox thinks the badger is no longer under the doorstep, although she doesn’t know for sure.

“I’m assuming it actually went away, I’ve just never seen it leave.”

She plans to cover up the hole the badger used to get under the doorstep.