Rebecka May with her brain-damaged son Isaiah. ((Facebook))

The parents of a brain-damaged baby will be back in court March 11 in an effort to keep their infant alive. Isaiah May was born in Rocky Mountain House, Alta., in October.

"There hasn't been very many improvements the last few weeks," said Isaiah's father Isaac May. "But he is still growing. He's over 12 pounds."

A lawyer for the family updated Judge Michelle Crighton Friday morning, in a case that has pitted the parents against the doctors at Edmonton's Stollery Children's Hospital.

Last month, doctors wanted to take Isaiah, who is four months old, off life support. Isaiah is severely brain damaged after being deprived of oxygen at birth. But his parents won a court order preventing doctors from removing life support until he is assessed by outside specialists to see if his condition will improve.

"It's very hard emotionally, physically, everything. It's not easy," said Rebecka May, Isaiah's mother. "Unfortunately that's what we've had to do in order to give Isaiah time."


Isaiah May has been in the neonatal intensive care unit since he was transferred to the Stollery Childrens' Hospital in Edmonton after his birth in October. ((Submitted photo))

Court heard Friday that a neonatologist from Victoria is assessing the infant and plans to return to B.C. to write his report.

The family is also searching for a pediatric neurologist, possibly from New York or Baltimore, to examine their son. It's not clear if the assessments will be paid for by Alberta Health Services.

The lawyer for the Mays said the family doesn't want to talk about the assessments right now.

"We're not expecting miracles here," said Rosanna Saccomani. "We're just asking for the family to have some answers they desperately need."

Online support for the Mays continues to grow. A Facebook site with Isaiah May's picture and story now has thousands of members from across North America and around the world.