A homebuilder in Penticton, B.C., says he’s worried about getting bad publicity because his company name is so similar to that of an unrelated company that recently ceased operations in Alberta.

Jordy Ydse says he started Foundation to Finish Carpentry in early 2012.

Ydse said he started getting odd phone calls from people in the Prairies four months ago — including one call from a homeowner asking about his company truck that had been parked for a week full of tools, and another from an auto body shop asking when he would be coming pick up his company vehicle.

However, Ydse only works in the Okanagan Valley area of B.C.

“I took it with a chuckle to be honest with you,” Ydse said of his initial reaction to the calls.

“Obviously because we’re so far separated (geographically), to me it wasn’t such a bad thing — until I read the article this morning,” he said.

“I thought it was quite a great name, but now reading the article and seeing what people are going through, it’s almost bad press. And it’s bad press for the industry,” Ydse said.

Troubled Alberta company

A different, and entirely separate company, called From Foundation to Finish Builders Inc., started operation in May 2013 in Calgary and Lloydminster, Alta.

As of April 2014, the company had ceased operations under a cloud of debt and unfinished and unstarted work.

Its owner, Kirk Kimberley, is being sought by the Alberta government to enforce an order to pay former employees more than $57,000 in overdue wages.

The owner of the Alberta company, From Foundation to Finish Builders Inc., could not be reached for comment.

Ydse, who is a licensed Red Seal carpenter and a board member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association in the South Okanagan, said he is worried how a comparison to the Alberta company may hurt his business.

He said he’s a third generation carpenter who returned to his hometown to start and run his business with integrity.

“I came here with intention of doing right, I consider myself to be an honest person … and I’m disheartened when I read about things like this.”