Autopsies have confirmed the two victims killed in last week's bloody rampage at a northwest Edmonton warehouse died of stab wounds. 

Fitzroy Harris, 50, was stabbed several times, while Thierno Bah, 41, died from a single wound to the chest.

Police have now classified both deaths as homicides.

Four other victims are expected to survive their wounds.

Jayme Pasieka faces two first-degree murder charges, three attempted murder charges, aggravated assault and  possession of an offensive weapon.

While court documents show Pasieka, who turned 30 today, had some history of erratic behaviour, a mental health expert said there was nothing that could have predicted last Friday events.

Edmonton psychologist Cory Hrushka reviewed court-ordered reports prepared on Pasieka, dating back three years. 

"I wouldn't say anything jumps out big," he said. "I mean there's a few little flags that we kind of tend to look for if we're doing that."

Those flags include descriptors such as paranoia, reclusiveness and an obsession with the military.

"The mistrust, the solitary activity, those are some of the things," he said. "A little bit of drug or alcohol use. Those would be the bigger flags when I'm looking through that assessment.

But those flags do not necessarily predict violent behaviour, Hrushka said. 

He is back in Edmonton court on May 5.

With files from CBC's Janice Johnston