ATVers irk residents in south Edmonton community

Residents of a south Edmonton community are upset with ATV riders riding through their neighbourhood to access open fields.

Summerside residents worried about safety, vandalism

Residents of a newer south Edmonton community are upset with ATV riders riding through their neighbourhood to access open fields.

"They're taking their quads and knocking down fences to get out there," said Candy Morningway, who's with the Summerside community association. "Most of this land has been seeded in the last few years so we're seeing a lot of damage."

She's also worried somebody will get run over.

"We had a young family whose two children were out doing chalk work and they had to pull them back because they saw a couple of motorized vehicles coming down their pathway."

The fast-growing Summerside community is near undeveloped tracts of land attractive to ATV riders, quadders who live in the area.

"It's nice to pull out your quads and stuff in your own community, and if you've been able to do it for the past two, three, five years, you just got used to doing it," Morningway said.

Resident Melanie Zerr can hear the ATVs and motorcycles from her home.

"They're in the back areas ripping around at all hours making noises, but at least they're away from my area."

Morningway believes there hasn't been enough enforcement to keep ATV riders out of the neighbourhood.

She's hoping to have signs put up as a deterent.

"People just need to be reminded, 'Be respectful for your neighbours and remember that sites are designated for certain purposes and let's keep everyone safe.'"

With files from CBC's Scott Stevenson