Crowds at Capital EX were much bigger this year.

This summer 740,339 visitors entered the gates, almost 30,000 more than last.

"We had a fantastic year at Capital EX," said Jennifer Sheehan, with Northlands.

Sheehan pointed to the weather and popular events such as Rhythm of the Worlds and Battle of the Bands for the higher numbers.

Attendance figures were not far off the record for Capital EX, set in 2010 when 747,660 people visited the fairgrounds at Northlands.  

The numbers come as the fair is working to rebrand itself with a new name — K-Days.

K-Days, or Klondike Days, was the original name of the event until it was changed to Capital EX in 2006.

The name was the overwhelming favourite in an online poll, winning eight of every ten votes cast.