Attempted murder charges laid against alleged late-night attackers

Charges have been laid following Saturday's violent assaults on three men east of downtown Edmonton.

Two suspects are facing multiple charges after what police calls a series of "savage" attacks east of downtown.

The savage series of attacks took place around 2:45 a.m. Saturday, involving three separate victims' homes near near 95th Street and 110th Avenue. (CBC)

Charges have been laid following Saturday’s violent assaults on three men east of downtown Edmonton.

One man has been charged with one count of attempted murder and two counts of break and enter - one to commit robbery and the other to commit assault.

The second suspect has been charged with attempted murder and two counts of breaching recognizance.

Staff Sgt. Malcolm Allan said the investigation is still underway, however, so there may be more charges laid.

"We have many scenes that we are examining, a multitude of evidence we’re still sorting through [and] several witnesses we’re still interviewing," he said.

When asked about the state of the first victim, who was beaten outside of his home when he went outside early Saturday night to investigate a disturbance, Allan said he remained in life-threatening condition as of the last report to police.

After leaving the first victim, police say the two suspects broke into the home of another man across the alleyway, beating and robbing him.

Investigators say the second victim was able to escape his attackers by telling them he had more money outside in his car and making a run for it.

The two suspects then split up after a pair of private security guards that happened to be in the area approached. One suspect was quickly tracked down using the canine unit.

Police say the second suspect then went on to attack a third man in yet another house nearby.

That attack ended when the victim pulled out a machete he happened to have in his bedroom and cut his attacker’s face severely, causing him to flee.

Police were then able to track the blood trail and arrest the second alleged attacker.