Asbestos was found in the Valhalla highrise after a fire Nov. 23. ((CBC))

Residents of the Valhalla, a downtown Edmonton condominium damaged by fire last week, will not be allowed back for months but still have to pay their condo fees.

"A lot of people are very, very angry," said condo owner Marc Nobert. "They have expenses from hotels and they got to get a moving truck and they got to find a place that'll accept them for three or four months."

A suite on the top floor of the 113th Street highrise caught fire last week while a worker was soldering a bathroom pipe.

One suite was burned and 46 others were damaged by water. The 16-storey building has 157 suites.

People are not allowed back into the building for at least four months because of the damage, but also because asbestos was discovered during the fire inspection.

Residents are still expected to continue paying monthly condo fees, despite not being able to live in the building, said Nobert, who will have to shell out $467 a month.

Insurance companies aren’t much help either, balking at paying moving or accomodation expenses, Nobert said.

"They're saying there's no damage to the suite," Nobert. said. "They don't want to pay for us even though we can't we can't live there, so what are we supposed to do?"

Nobert said he has family to turn to for help, but other residents aren't so lucky.