One of Edmonton's most prized cultural institutions turned 90-years-old on Sunday. 

Dozens attended the celebration in honour of the Art Gallery of Alberta, which was first founded in 1924.

Catherine Crowston, the executive director of the Art Gallery of Alberta, says it has come a long way since it first began exhibiting art nearly a century ago.

"It's quite wonderful," Crowston said. "We started off with very small exhibitions at a hotel and now we're able to bring in things like the Toulouse-Lautrec show." 

The art gallery was first called the Edmonton Museum of Arts. It occupied rooms at the Hotel McDonald for several decades before moving into its current building at Churchill Square in 1969. The building was eventually renovated in 2010. 

"The new gallery and its new architecture has really created a kind of focal point for downtown Edmonton," Crowston said. 

"It's a way for people to come downtown, to celebrate art and culture, to see visual arts by both Albertans and also international exhibitions that we are now able to bring to the people of Edmonton."