Police found a loaded shotgun at a west Edmonton home where a man was shot during a suspected break and enter last week, says the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team.

Officers were called to the home near 171st Street and 83rd Avenue Friday afternoon.

Police believed the suspect, who was still inside the home, was a man wanted on 35 outstanding warrants for serious, violent offences including firearms-related charges, ASIRT said Monday.

Police also believed the 37-year-old was armed with a loaded gun.

During the four-hour standoff, police urged the man to surrender peacefully without success, ASIRT said. At one point, officers believed that they heard a gunshot from inside the residence.

Shortly after 6:10 p.m., the man came out of the residence.

During the ensuing confrontation, police first used an ARWEN, an anti-riot gun which fires less-lethal projectiles. They also fired their service firearms, ASIRT said.

The man was wounded and taken to hospital where he was treated and released into police custody on Saturday.

ASIRT said a loaded shotgun was recovered at the site.