Redevelopment plans for the so-called arena lands downtown will change the look of Edmonton's downtown, but community members say the plan has too few details.

At a meeting Wednesday night, community members were shown plans for the redevelopment of the area which includes the current Greyhound station and the parking lot across the street.

The city wants the area to the mesh with Edmonton's future downtown arena,  ensuring the surrounding area will be able to support the influx of foot traffic.

Stantec, the company behind the plans, told area residents last night at the Central McDougall Church downtown that they envision the area as an urban village with hotels, condos, and some businesses along with restaurants and bars.

But details were sparse.

"I think it was concerning that there are no actual plans for what is happening," said community member, Aliza Dadani. "They are quick to say there could be an arts disctrict, there could be this, there could be a farmers market. In reality, there are no plans."

This new rezoning proposal will go to city council next month.