A Sherwood Park family's struggle with anorexia is now the inspiration behind a new support network.

Moyra McAllister, whose daughter Caitlin Holliday struggled with an eating disorder for several years before she began recovering, recently launched the Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta.

During that time she spent endless hours online searching for ways to help Holliday, 22, she said.

"There are hundreds and hundreds of sites," McAllister said. "It's information overload. I was in a crisis mode. My child was extremely ill at that point. I wanted a simple answer."

Four years ago, Holliday's diet and exercise regime took a deadly turn. As the number on her weigh scale shrank, her heart rate became dangerously low.

"Even though you know it's bad and it's unhealthy and you know you could die ... it doesn't really cross your mind," she said.

Holliday is now back to a healthy weight and helping her mother with this new initiative  a hub of up-to-date treatment options and the latest research.

With files from CBC's Andra Huncar