A civil lawsuit has been launched against the City of Edmonton after it pulled down some controversial advertisements from ETS buses last fall.

The ads, which suggested honour killings were associated with the Muslim Community, generated a number of public complaints.

Coun. Amarjeet Sohi was among those who spoke out against the campaign, calling the ads "discriminatory, demeaning and degrading.”

Now, the group behind the ads the American Freedom Defense Initiative is suing the City, complaining their Charter Rights have been violated.

“We're seeking a declaration that the city's decision violated the charter rights of the non-profit human rights group that was running the ads, and seeking an order to quash the city's decision to cancel,” said John Carpay with the the AFDI.

“We're not looking for money – this is really a fight on a point of principle,” he added. “You cannot have free speech in a society if speech is censored just because people find it offensive.”

The case will be heard next February.