Emergency medical officials are hailing an Edmonton man as a hero after he performed life-saving measures on a man who collapsed on a downtown street Monday morning.

Marcus Dyck was on his way to work around 7 a.m. when he saw a man in his 50s fall off a bench near Jasper Avenue and 101 Street.

Dyck ran over to the man, flipped him over on his back and started giving him CPR, and then mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


Emergency Medical Services Chief Joe Acker and Good Samaritan Marcus Dyck, speaking with reporters in Edmonton on Tuesday. ((CBC))

"I just remember the basic survival. They need air and make sure that the airway was open. And that was the most important thing," Dyck said at an impromptu ceremony Tuesday in front of a downtown Edmonton ambulance station.

He admitted he was not exactly sure what to do, and was relieved when paramedics showed up to take over.

 "It was tough to know when exactly should I start breathing for this guy and when not to. But these guys showed up just in time."

After emergency crews arrived, Dyck quietly left without identifying himself. Late Monday the city asked the media to help find the Good Samaritan, and Dyck came forward.

"Well it's fantastic that you did that," said Emergency Medical Services Chief Joe Acker, presenting Dyck with a certificate of commendation and a first aid kit.

"Certainly you contributed to the success of the resuscitation and got the patient to where he is now. So congratulations."

Dyck said he does not consider what he did out of the ordinary, and he's certainly not a hero.

"It could be me there — I would want somebody to come help me out."

The man Dyck helped suffered a heart attack and is in serious condition in hospital.