Alta. deaths a murder-suicide: RCMP

The deaths of a couple whose bodies were found Sunday on a rural property near Millet, Alta., were the result of a murder-suicide, RCMP said Wednesday.
Police searched a rural property outside Millet, Alta., where two bodies were found Sunday. ((Trisha Estabrooks/CBC News) )
The deaths of a couple whose bodies were found Sunday on a rural property near Millet, Alta., were the result of a murder-suicide, RCMP said Wednesday.

Corinne Nicole Sellhorn, 34, died as the result of homicide and trapper Ronald Stuart Jones, 61, was also found dead on the property.

Jones was a Métis activist, well known for his court battle to secure hunting rights for Métis people.

Police did not release the causes of death but said investigators believe weapons were involved. They declined to release any more information about the deaths.

RCMP were called to the site about three kilometres east of Millet on Sunday after getting a report of suspicious activity at 9:40 a.m.

Police were unable to enter the property safely and called in an emergency response team. The bodies were found in the afternoon.

Owned Yukon trapline

Friends of Jones and Sellhorn said the pair spent their winters on the Hess River near Mayo, Yukon, where they operated a trapline.

"They were really down to earth and, I don't know, very friendly and very interested in trapping. They'd been doing it for a long time," Janet Buchanan of Carcross, Yukon, told CBC News on Wednesday.

Buchanan said the couple had bought a trapline from her a few years ago, adding that they seemed like nice people when they had dinner together.

Another friend, Dale Mohan, said Jones often spoke of "his plans around the annual trip to the Yukon to trap and be at one with the land."

"He believed it was a tough area, an unforgiving land, but there was potential for trapping there and for living the lifestyle that he had chosen — one of a hunter and a trapper," Mohan said.

Mohan described Jones and Sellhorn as an "alpha" couple, with both having very strong personalities and opinions.